Saturday, August 29, 2009

Listo o No.

so its finally that time...
it seems like just yesterday, my mom was reprimanding me for not applying for my passport soon enough.
but now:
passport: check
visa: check
bags packed: check
it would appear that i'm all set to leave.
more or less, thats probably true.
only i feel like i'm not prepared at all.  

for those who are just now tuning in; i'm moving to spain for 4 months.... tomorrow.
i'm going to school in Barcelona for the semester.
i'll be living in the l'eixample neighborhood with a family. a 42 year old father who owns his own business, a 17 year old sister, a 13 year old sister, and a 41 year old mother who is a shopkeeper and singer.

i leave richland tomorrow morning. we're aiming for about 930... knowing that even so, i won't be ready to leave the house until 11.
my brother, my dad and i are going to meet up with craig in seattle and hang for the day.  if all goes according to plan, i will also get to see KatieAnn, Andy, Alicia, and Kyle one last time before its hasta luego, e.e.u.u.