Wednesday, October 21, 2009

donde viven los monstrusos...

... doesn't come out until 18 December in Spain...

worst. ever.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

did you know...

... that Baldomero Espartero was the regent in spain during the years 1840-1843?
because i do.
and is that something that you ever really cared to know?
because i didn't.

apparently, teachers in Spain expect students to memorize pages of just dates and events for tests. do they care about concepts, not so much... but we will soon find out. midterm numero uno in t-minus 1 hour.

other than that... everything is quite great! im gearing up to head to amsterdam this weekend... which should be an event for the history books. im also officially making plans to head down to granada to visit Corynn, a friend of Natalie's who is studying there... im pretty jazzed.

but back to studying, cognitive break time has ended.


Monday, October 19, 2009


oh yeah... i have to do that too.

mid term week... studying commences now.

also... i really do suck at blogging... i will get better, i promise!

Monday, October 5, 2009

estas despedido.

... is what they say on el aprendiz, the spanish version of the apprentice. not quite the same without the Donald.
my host mama has a job interview tomorrow! so hopefully that will go well for her. She is a singer, but needing to have something else a little more steady. she is a wonderful lady and deserves something good!
the girls who i spend most of my time with were in madrid this weekend, because our program splits trips up and i am in the other group. so it was great getting to see them today! i hung out with amanda... that was big fun.
today was pretty mellow, but this should be an exciting week. wednesday, there is a spanish cooking workshop that we're going to. thursday, amanda and i are going to Sitges for a film festival to see a film called Timer that KatieAnn told me i should check out. after, i am meeting up with this girl named Carlota who lives here in Barcelona. My friend John, who graduated from Western and just started at a grad school program for sustainable energy engineering up in Stockholm, met her when he was studying in Holland a few years back. he hooked us up via facebook and now were on for una cita! im a little nervous, i would assume that she speaks at least a little english, but im really trying to work on this whole spanish thing... Friday afternoon, were going on a bike tour of the city... which is funny because i own my own bike now and have ridden it pretty much everywhere... oh well, its just something free and fun to do i suppose. friday night though, were going back to Sitges to see what turns out to be a 6 mini film series of Zombie films, including one titled "Zombies and Cigarettes". so of course... couldnt miss that. there is also hot potential for some hiking this weekend, and i could definitely use some physical activity before every single muscle in my body becomes flaccid.